Deck Drainage System

Trex®RainEscape® Deck Drainage System – The Deck Drainage Solution

Trex®RainEscape® is a unique product that enables you to create an indoor style living space, outdoors. The trough and downspout design drains water away from your deck allowing the underside of your deck to be dry and safe from the elements. It can even be installed on an existing deck by removing the flooring before installation.

Perfect for second story decks, Trex®RainEscape® easily secures to the top of the joists of any new deck with 12″ and 16″ on-center joist spacing. Then, uniqueTrex®RainEscape® under-deck drainage system, keeps rain, spills, and snow melt from dripping through the deck boards above, creating a dry room below.


  • Expands your outdoor living space
  • Protects the space below your deck from rain, sun and other elements
  • Protects your floor joist from moisture
  • Finish the underside with a Trex Trim beadboard ceiling for a finished look. You can add lights and fans

FROM: Trex®RainEscape®

Sal Serbin, owner of Colorado Redwood Decks, has been exclusively installing Trex®RainEscape® in the Denver area for the past four years. Serbin has past experience with many manufacturers of deck drainage systems. However, after the challenge of trying to keep up with all of the manufacturers and different composites, Colorado Redwood Decks made the decision to offer the Trex®RainEscape® Deck Drainage System exclusively.

Why Trex®RainEscape®?

Serbin’s nearly thirty years in the decking business have given him the expertise to know quality when he sees it. Using other under mount deck drainage systems, Serbin was seeing the panels shrinking, allowing moisture under the deck. With the Trex®RainEscape&reg Deck Drainage System, moisture always flows over and away from the deck, keeping the area underneath dry.

Serbin is even finding new business just by offering the Trex®RainEscape® System. Customers know the brand, and the quality that it stands for, and are requesting it by name. Serbin is already off to a great start setting a record in Trex®RainEscape® installations this year.

Would you like to protect the space below your deck from rain, sun and other elements? Contact us for specifics about Trex®RainEscape® for your outdoor space.

Trex®RainEscape® Deck Drainage System installation in Denver Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Westminster.